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At Cigisi you will enjoy a luxurious beauty experience. Our leading beauty therapy and nail salon treatments help to create a more beautiful you, while offering an escape from the world.

Discover beauty in luxurious surroundings – call CigiSi for an appointment, we’d love to see you. Start with feet; work your way up the body. Apply to one body part at a time; apply in each area before moving to the next area. Use Self-Tan Remover on palms or wash your hands with soap and a scrub brush. Lastly, apply Body Moisturizer to hands, then apply a small amount of self-tan to tops of hands. Using both hands, rub tops of hands together to the tips of each finger. This tans the hands without tanning the palms. Allow Self-tan to absorb 10-15 minutes before bedtime. Don't worry if you look streaky as it dries. This is normal. Colour will intensify in 3 hours. Next morning, shower to rinse off excess product. This will eliminate product from rubbing on clothing throughout the day. Moisturise after shower. To achieve a base tan, apply Self-tan 3 nights consecutively. Do not use Body Polisher on the 2nd and 3rd mornings. However, you should still shower, just don't scrub.

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